Diving at Caño Island

Caño Island is located in the south Pacific of Costa Rica at a distance of approximately 52 km from the Ballena National Marine Park. A boat trip of 70 minutes will take you to meet this beautiful island that became a National Wildlife Refuge since 1982.

Caño Island Reserve protects a large amount of coral formations and in its waters you can often see humpback whales, including mothers with calf.

White sand bottoms, rock pinnacles and colorful corals highlighted by the blue water makes many divers consider this place as the best dive site in Costa Rica after Cocos Island.

An abundance of life can be viewed from the very beginning of dives at Caño. White tip sharks are guaranteed and various types of rays can be found easily in a day of diving. Turtles and large schools of fish accompany divers frequently.

Visibility at Caño Island is very good compared to nearby points on the coast and ranges from 20 feet to 70 feet where the blue color is predominant in its waters.

There are different dive sites with conditions varying from calm waters to shallow dives for more experienced divers reaching 70 feet deep.
Diving conditions are generally very good and the amount of surrounding life is overwhelming.

During the months of September and October the weather conditions worsen but this is the ideal time and place to see humpback whales, dolphins and turtles while traveling by boat.

DISTANCE FROM THE SHORE 70 minutes from the coast
VISIBILITY From 10 to 90 feet
MAX DEPTH From 30 to 80 feet
TEMPERATURE From 70ºF to 80ºF
CURRENTS Presence of moderate currents and small waves. Strong currents at Bajo del Diablo
BOTTOM TYPE Rock formations and sand bottoms.
COMMON SPECIES White tip reef sharks, jacks, Eagle rays, snappers, puffer fishes, angel fish, butterfly fish, moray eels, octopuses, sea turtles, lobsters.
BEST SEASSON December to may .

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