Bahia Ballena, Marino Ballena National Park

ballenaThe tour starts and finishes on Punta Uvita Beach, it spends about four hours from 9:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. and takes place into Marino Ballena National Park, it includes a visit in which you can see the different beaches of the National Park (Punta Uvita Beach, Colonia Beach, Arco Beach, Ballena Beach and Piñuelas Beach), on the other hand it also includes a visit to different important places near the national park such as: Ventanas’ Caves (by boat) and the possibility to watch one of the Terraba’s River mouths (Coronado River mouth). The tour also includes the cetaceous searching that is one of the main reasons why the touristvisit the zone, of course that is during the arriving season of some species of whales such as: the humpback whale, pilot whale, and some others. There are some dolphin species that are located in almost all of the pacific coast of America such as: the bottle nosed dolphins, common dolphin, rough toothed dolphin, pantropical or pacific spotted dolphin, and some others. It is also renowned because of the snorkeling in one of the important coral reefs that the Park has, in which you can find great marine life diversity, the places are: Ballena Rock and Tómbolo Punta Uvita.

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